Things To Do


Hikkaduwa has been a favourite destination with international surfers for three decades. The wave sizes range from 4-11 feet. Surfing in Hikkaduwa is quite well known and gets the best surf during its dry season, which is from November to March. There are 4 main surf points in Hikkaduwa.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

A multitude of tropical fish, magnificently colourful coral reefs and fascinating ship wrecks can be explored while snorkeling and scuba diving in Hikkaduwa. With a reputed and long-running diving school located in the town itself, PADI diving instructors are available throughout the season for training and certification as well as leading more experienced divers in some of the country's best ship wreck and reef dives.

Boat ride, jet skis and other water based activities

Seenigama Vihara Temple

About 2km north of Hikkaduwa is the Seenigama Vihara, perched on its own island. It’s one of only two temples in the country where victims of theft can seek retribution. Remarkably, the temple survived when the area was so devastatingly hit by the Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004.

Natural Moonstone Mine

Hikkaduwa and the surrounding areas are well known for the local moonstone – a semi-precious glass like gemstone that glows like the moon. Head inland 7km to Mitiyagoda and you can descend (not literally) into the mucky world of mining – 18th-century style!

Madhu River Safari

During your holiday in Hikkaduwa, Madu Ganga (Madu River) is remarkable place you must visit. Bordering to the costal village Balaptiya, Madu Ganga flows by adding an incomparable beauty to the surrounding. It’s unique in its beauty, hundreds of islets, mangroves, indigenous aquatic birds & fish creates a green heave in-front of your eyes. These enchanting landscapes make people breathless by creating a paradise for their own dreams. This green heritage is a kind of lab for the researches, local & foreign university students & journalists who are discovering the secrets of this treasure.

Turtle Hatchery

HIkkaduwa is famous for its turtle nesting beaches. The Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery is a favourite destination for visitors and is highly recommended. Located just a few minutes from Hikkaduwa Town is a smaller Turtle Hatchery which is run by a man who lost his family in the tsunami.

Tsunami Photo Museum

The coastline around Hikkaduwa was particularly badly hit by the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami on 26th December 2004. A Tsunami Photo Museum, which is located just minutes away from the Hikkaduwa town, tells a big story about the devastation. The museum is actively involved in the rehabilitation and development of Hikkaduwa and its people – so if you do visit the museum, please try and donate anything you can towards this cause.

Tsunami Memorial (Buddha Statue)

A Tsunami Memorial, taking the form of an 18 metre tall standing Buddha on an island surrounded by a lake, was unveiled (thanks to Japanese funding) on 26th December 2006 (two years after the tsunami) to mark the devastating incident.